Espresso Martino - Martin Cilia

Limited Edition Release - usually only available at live performances:

A new ten-track compilation from Australia’s King Of The Surf Guitar and touring member of Mental As Anything - Martin Cilia.

While nine of the tracks have been released on previous Martin albums, this CD contains a new recording: The Shadows classic “The Rise & Fall Of Flingle Bunt” featuring Martin and the distinctive sound of Mental As Anything.

A unique collector’s item and a great introduction to the talent of Martin Cilia.

Album released July 8th 2018. Only available in physical CD format. Not digital download.

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Alby Falzon's "Morning of the Earth" DVD

morning of the earth

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Waltzing The Plank

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The illustrated encyclopedia of Australian surf music, by surf music historian and guru Stephen McParland

“This is an awesome piece of work – the 50 year history of Australian surf music – by a totally delightful but crazy guy. You owe it to him to have a look at this book.”
David Minear, Bombora’s Big Kahuna.

“Anything you want to know about Australian surf music – no, make that anything there is to know about Australian surf music – can be found within the plentiful pages of this quite amazing digital encyclopaedia.”
Pacific Longboarder Magazine

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